And it’s Petra for the Gold!

Took the gold in the mostly running event at the 2014 Winter Olympics for People Who Have Regular Full-time Jobs and Can’t Afford Real Live Coaches and Have to Run Errands After the Games, held in Muncie, Indiana this year.  This particular event involved running on an indoor track (but it was a Winter Olympics event because of the snow on the ground outside and the flurries falling outdoors during the event).  Here’s the set-up:  My goal was to do 11 miles, which would net me the bronze, but doing 12 miles would garner me the silver and 13 miles would give me the gold!  BUT if I reached a certain medal status (say bronze) and I decided to shoot for the next medal (silver), I had to complete it to get any medal at all.  So, after I snagged the guaranteed silver, I (with guidance from my imaginary coach) decided to shoot for the gold!  And I made it!  Given that there are 12 laps to the mile, I completed 158 laps (the extra two for the “.1” part of the half-marathon).  Run 10 laps, walk 2, run 10, walk 2—all until I’d covered a half-marathon distance.

And I got a silver for Team USA in Individual Pothole Dodging on the way home.