Spring Oreos?


My first thought, upon seeing this in the Target junk food aisle, was “Spring! What a delightful concept!”1 My second thought was “Spring has an Oreo flavor?”
Spring, apparently, does NOT have an Oreo flavor; rather, it has an Oreo COLOR. That’s right. Just read the packaging. What makes this a “spring” cookie is the yellow crème that is apparently being farted out of the ass of a stylized bee. These Oreos have the “same great taste”. If the flavor was somehow different—say mint or strawberry or my favorite spring flavor asparagus—surely these carbohydrate grenades would have a great NEW flavor. No, it looks like the only difference is the delightful urine shade of the filling.

Upon doing some serious archival research (i.e. Googling), I’ve discovered that Spring Oreos have been around for several years! See what one misses when one eats (mostly) healthy!

1I’m writing this on a night with a forecast low of 5°F. Thankfully, it’s a positive number.