Addicted! To Shower Water!!!

I like to think of myself as a good mother to my daughter Bella. I make sure she’s fed, I make sure she has a clean litter box, I make sure she has plenty of water. But despite my good care, my little girl has developed an addiction to the water remaining in my tub post-shower.

It started a couple of years ago, but just occasionally. Now and then she’d clamor into the tub after I stepped out to dry myself off. She’d be content to lick up some of the remaining water and then she’d scamper out. And this was not a common occurrence. But within the past year, she’s done this more frequently. Okay, fine. Drink the shower water, though I can’t understand why it would taste better than the stuff in your bowl.

But recently it’s become an addiction. She now meows for me to follow her into my main bathroom, where I have to turn on the water briefly so that there are small puddles of water on the tub floor. This can sometimes occur a couple of times a day!

Oh, Bella–what’s a fur-mommy to do?ShowerWaters