On Friendship–A Shoutout to my Tribe!


My tribe is far flung—Indiana, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Delaware, Michigan, New York, Italy—but close to my heart at all times. Who is my tribe? Those brilliant, wonderful, interesting, admirable women I’ve been so very grateful to have in my life. My tribe is comprised of women who are more than mere acquaintances—these are women who are Friends with a capital “F”. Tribe, whether I see you often or rarely, I think of you and want you to know how much you enrich my life!

So, a quick shoutout to my tribe!

Thanks, Lauren, for being there and listening and offering your good, solid, needed advice, as well as getting me started with weight training! Thanks for being my (very stylish!) Starbucks buddy and DIY inspiration and health consultant!

Thanks, Lynne, for sharing with me your wonderfully infectious smiles and kind words! It’s nice to know that I can count on you to inspire my teaching. You were the perfect roommate for the Lilly Conference, too!

Thanks, Marga, for opening up to me and allowing me to open up to you. You are such an inspiration and a true Burner! I am so glad we me and I value your friendship. Plus, I’ve learned so much about the health impacts of our conventional food system from you.

Thanks, Heidi, for being the best sister and most fun sous chef ever! I am truly grateful for our shared DNA.

Thanks, Claire, for befriending me when I moved to Iowa and for sharing with me your understanding of the dynamics of life in academia and other topics of conversation. I was pretty green and appreciated the help, especially coming from someone as bright as you. Thanks for inviting me to share holidays (and the fabulous food!) with you and your family!

Thanks, Amy, for your comforting friendship and your wonderful, wonderful letters! Your passion for growing food has certainly triggered my own interest in gardening and in an understanding of food issues. Thanks also for our book talks. I still think fondly of our meetings at Brewed Awakenings!

Thanks, Joan, for your thoughtful, incisive discussions and our conversations, my well read friend. I so admire you for your wide-ranging interests and astute assessment of political issues. And, of course, many thanks for teaching me to kayak!

Thanks, Steph, for all of our fun times and for your bashing me in the head with the (proverbial!) stick (even though I sometimes need several bashings before I get it!) Thanks for your continued support of me—even when I’m not so sure of my own abilities, you insistently tell me my strengths!

Thanks, Nellie, for teaching me so much about friendship! I have learned so much from you and your support means the world to me. Thanks for our cooking adventures (remember when I’d pretend to have my own cooking show, including turning to an imaginary camera). I feel so comfortable sharing joys and sorrows with you and your nonjudgmental ear.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone, but it’s not intentional (and it will hit me some night at 3:00 AM and then I’ll get up and rectify the situation!)

Friends, good friends, are riches.

Edited–I did say that I’d forget someone and I was right! So, thanks, Deb, for being there for me for so many years and for looking me up on Facebook and reconnecting. Thank you for being my friend and not judging me way back when I was so overweight–that really means so much to me, as it was very difficult to be a teenager and that fat.

Thanks, Barb, for all of our conversations–funny and deep–and for the ability to inspire me. You’ve gone through tragedy and yet you are so forward looking! And I LOVE hearing about your classes at the college!