Today’s Calorie Burn–1260!

I love my Garmin Forerunner GPS running watch! Granted, the little alert notifying me after each mile is faint, so I only hear about every third or fourth little “beep”, but other than that I am quite enjoying me new toy. Which I have used exactly twice. Today I went on a long run/walk (about 3/4 running, 1/4 walking)–12.21 miles to be exact–then uploaded the route and data to the Garmin Connect site. Good mileage, slow pace (which is normal). The route is plotted on a map as well. But my favorite piece of data? The number of calories burned! Okay, I don’t know what sort of algorithm Garmin uses and I’m sure it’s pretty crude, but man, I love looking at that number after a long, hard workout! 1260 calories!!! I earned those chocolate-covered marshmallow Peeps I ate to replenish my body’s glycogen!