What is Success Anyway? Part Two

Life Balance. Could this also be a way of defining or describing success? Isn’t living a balanced life—one where your contributions to your career (including those whose work is managing a home) equal your contributions elsewhere (hobbies, volunteer activities, learning, physical activity, etc.)? Too often people fetishize or brag about long work hours (“I haven’t had a day off in 6 weeks!””14-hour days are the norm for me”), hoping to impress others (“look at how important I am because I work so much”). But why on earth would someone be PROUD of that?1 Especially when one thinks of the alternate explanations—poor time management, excuse to avoid keeping physically fit, fear of failure, inability to delegate, etc.

I am NOT suggesting to avoid work—far from it! I am suggesting that you balance your work with other parts of your life that need to be nurtured. This, in turn, will make you more productive and a better worker.

Read something, preferably fiction. It’ll improve your brain

Take a walk or a run outdoors. Good for your physical body and your brain, just like reading!

Cook something (with whole, minimally processed foods—leave the processed garbage alone!). It’ll spur your creativity.